Takes away the echo and the emptiness of a room. No bothering neighbours with loud footsteps and boom. Not only it brings warmth and colour to your home – but it also gives a feeling of its own. After observing the windows and walls, there it is – a rug that softens the cold floors.

Retro is taking it back in time and reimagining how it used to be. Retro is something nostalgic that touches its audience with its mix of old styles and fashion, bringing it back to today.

40 years ago a company was born with the desire to respect the old-fashioned way to make rugs. At the factory in Etelä-Pohjanmaa it all began with the hand loom singing in the background. These rugs are strong quality and are all made using old school knitting techniques.

Today the 40-year-old Retromatto still makes its rugs the same way using long-lasting cotton and other ecological materials that last from generation to generation. All our rugs are made in Finland with care. You can choose ready-made rugs or customise a unique one – just the way you want it.